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i haven’t been keeping up with the mighty thor, but i did read journey into mystery.

omg dude. I read The Mighty Thor and the dialogue is longer than usual that I kinda lost track what happened. ><

yeah that’s vol 3 for issues 1-12 and then 13+ is volume 4
i want JMS and coipel back on thor and to stay on a thor book for eternity

Gotcha! I’m trying to compile the JiM storyline rn. Pain in the butt I tell you.

And I knowwwww. Just put them in a room and lock it up.

omg some of it is so awful what was i thinking

xDD I love it.

Thor Vol 3 is when he’s in Oklahoma right? With the floating castle? I can’t remember. It’s the Coipel run.

Going through Hank’s Thor tag and her commentary lmaoooo.

Im trying to recall the funniest Thor panel I’ve ever seen but I CANNOT THINK OF ONE.



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i object to thor’s locks being so greasy and stringy. you know he washes and conditions!!

Ahahaha I predict glorious hair flipping in this movie.

imagesalanderhacks replied to your photo: My poor balding baby.

good thing you are giving her fur a charge to promote hair growth.

It’s a new process. Electrolytes or whatever it is. xD

imagethestarspangledman replied to your photoMy poor balding baby.

one of my cats went bald for a while. we think it was stress related and it eventually grew back.
Ugh, she has this excessive licking habit. I don’t know how it can be stress induced, she’s like behaving normally (and eating a lot hahah)

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I’m always tempted to skew my answers on those tests to get a desired result (and I’m suspicious that everyone else does too)

Ahaha I used to do that but then what would be the point, yeah? All the dwarves are adorable anyway! xD

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I got Dori

Omg you got the food connoisseur. xDD

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lj is taking so damn long to load shit but I just can’t close out of the post

"ONTD died so that Kimye’s baby could live."