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James Dean and his college friends.


James Dean and his college friends.

He was not at all fastidious about his looks; in fact, he would turn up more often than not in shaggy-dog style at meetings both formal and informal. What prompted him to walk into this barber shop near Times Square one day when we were walking I cannot say. - Dennis Stock

Jimmy and Markie photographed by Dennis Stock, 1955.


James Dean and Ronald Reagan in the tv drama “The Dark, Dark Hours”, 1954.

I was struck by how very much James Dean off-camera resembled the James Dean you saw on-camera. He worked very hard at his craft, rehearsed with very much the same intensity that he gave the part on-camera… Most of us, after a while in pictures, hold back somewhat in rehearsal and save our punch for the take. Jimmy did not do this. He seemed to go all out almost any time that he read his lines. - Ronald Reagan

Jimmy at home with his grandfather