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together at last: two halves make one wolf

Here’s to looking like dorks!

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Maxi dresses.


Maxi dresses.

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Val Kilmer was so so so so so good looking back then, I’m so sad now ahaha.

Val Kilmer was so so so so so good looking back then, I’m so sad now ahaha.

I’m just adding dragons to all of my mountain photos.

I’m just adding dragons to all of my mountain photos.

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Name: Atiqah
Nickname: Atty. Because everyone keeps butchering my name.
Birthday: January 30
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero
Height: 5’
Time Zone: Pacific
What time and date is it there: Sunday, August 31, 12:55pm
Average hours of sleep I get each night: 5-8
Last thing I googled: The lyrics to some Icelandic song.
Most used phrase(s): "I cry."
First word that comes to mind: What.
Last thing I said to a family member: "Ma, I’ve uploaded Outlander episode 4 for you on Dropbox."
One place that makes me happy and why: Whenever I’m somewhere where the water covers me up to my ears and all I hear is silence. It’s comforting.
Favorite beverages: Water, ginger ale.
Last movie i watched in the cinema: The Expendables 3
Three things I can’t live without: The Internet (I know, I know), my family and money???
Something I plan on learning: A bucketload of languages.
A piece of advice for all my followers: Dance. Even if you can’t dance.
You all have to listen to this song: Habibi - Mashrou’ Leila
Blogs: Just one.

I tag: tashamiles, meatheadmanning, farovermistymountains, jackbenjamin, krazykitsune, threadsoflightvineapple

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I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay.

I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay.

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Wee baby boy Bucky.

Wee baby boy Bucky.

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LAST DAY OF INTERNSHIPPPPP. Check out my t-rex scarf. :3333

LAST DAY OF INTERNSHIPPPPP. Check out my t-rex scarf. :3333

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  1. Frodo or Bilbo? 
  2. Your favourite genre of book? 
    Fantasy/Sci-fi and a fine smattering of period romance lololol.
  3. Did you like Matt Smiths Doctor?
    I don’t watch Doctor Who.
  4. Civil War happens! Who do you side with? Tony Stark or Steve Rogers? Why? 
    Steveeeeee. Because I agree with him saying that superheroes need a secret identity in order to protect the ones they love.
  5. What is your Hogwarts house? 
  6. What’s your opinion on arranged marriage?
    "Heavy risk. But the prize.."
  7. New York City, London or Paris? Why?
    London. Historical buildings galore!!And I like how grey it can be sometimes.
  8. Favourite Disney movie(s)? 
    The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Hercules & Brave. 
  9. Recommend me a song?
    Ala Babo by Mashrou’ Leila. Check out the translation to the lyrics.
  10. Would you rather: Join the Battle of the Five Armies or the Battle of Helm’s Deep?
    Battle of Helm’s Deep. Shitson, I don’t wanna go against Smaug. Give me Uruk-hai berserkers.
  11. Favourite video game genre? 

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