Who is that dancing in your sidebar gif?!
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It’s Liam McIntyre!

April 03 2012, 02:55 AM   •   2 notes
I heard you made an about me page. Where's it?!
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Okay! Relax. It was an honest mistake. You don't know the number of people who do that nowadays.
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Yeah I understand. And people taking shit without crediting?

Well okay then. I didn't see your watermark on it so I thought you might be those people who take credit for other people's work.
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Now I take offense to that, really. :|

If you’d kindly go here AND THEN copy the Image URL, you’ll arrive here.

AND THEN, you’ll see this:

I don’t like tagging my stuff too obviously so as to not look like a dickwad.

YOU made Hipster!Alcide?
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YOU make it sound like I didn’t.



September 21 2011, 03:41 PM   •   1 note
what does RP mean? love ur blog (:
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Role-play. :3 When people take on a character from a book/tv shows and write their own plots with other people. Kinda like fanfiction?

And awww, thank you anon!

HIHIHI. Since Joe's done like his top 25 Summer Songs or something like that, would you mind doing one?
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This is interesting. Wait is it still summer? LOL.

Question is, do people want to see what I listen to? xD